Shipping and Maritime Law

Our flagship Shipping and Marine Practice team is an acknowledged industry leader. Our expertise here is wide-ranging, including admiralty claims, cargo representation, marine insurance, marine environment, carriage of goods by sea, international trade, ports and terminals. We give technical guidance in the preparation of financing-facility documentation, and also act as solicitors for ship sale and purchase transactions.

Our mastery is widely acknowledged, and we advise on various aspects including registration, waivers and licenses, restricted trades and joint ventures. We work with a wide range of experts across the maritime industry including ship brokers, marine engineers, financial consultants, marine underwriters and local shipping companies. We consult for government and non-governmental bodies on a diverse range of shipping and related commercial areas. Our clients include cargo and ship owners, agents, brokers, port and terminal operators,shipping companies, financial institutions, government and non-government organisation.

Hilton Attorneys - Shipping & Maritime