Why choose Hilton Law Group

Hilton Law Group is one of the active and fast-growing corporate law firms in Dar es Salaam Tanzania with a strong focus on developed and emerging markets.

Extensive Law Knowledge; Bespoke Solutions

Hilton promises to facilitate your business while at the same time assuring you confidence as we work within the scope of the law. In instances where we are not best suited to guide you, we are honest enough to refer you to competent colleagues in whom we have confidence in their skills and work ethics.

Trusted Team

All projects are managed by a Partner in the firm from the brief stage, who can only delegate on a need to need basis. In that way, we have been able to improve our quality control systems by managing each transaction diligently.

Excellent Customer Service

Hilton dedicates equal commitment, timely and excellent service to all its clients. Despite its small size, we promise successful deliverables to all our clients. In effect, the firm has capitalized on this size to ensure quality control, and one on one interaction with clients.