Are you a Law School Graduate
or Young Lawyer/Advocate with
less than 5 years in practice?

Hilton Attorneys brings you an apprenticeship program blends academic excellence
with real world business and legal practice.

HAAP aims at legal career excellence

HAAP has been founded by pioneers in the legal sector, who desire to create additional value to young lawyers that is not entirely academia, but also a hands-on modern business hub!

HAAP blends academic excellence with real world business and legal practice, which results in the kind of training that startups, corporations, family businesses and individual lawyers are looking for.

We place enormous value in people – our apprentices and facilitators are all part of the HAAP community, which is inclusive, open, professional, ambitious and joyful. We want to change the legal world, and you?


Program's Objectives

To add professional value to law school graduates and young lawyers seeking employment

Give graduate lawyers soft skills they need in the legal field

To help employers hire young lawyers without fear of lack of soft skills, professionalism, knowledge

Program's Values

We believe that every lawyer has the power to make an impact,
and through our actions we want to generate and pass on collective knowledge,
empower talent to grow and contribute to an ethical legal world that is business oriented.


Enabling innovation


Humanistic approach to business

Change leadership

Program's Vision & Mission


To provide practical and innovative legal skills and train young lawyers in an international standard, allowing them to be able to compete locally and globally.


An apprenticeship program that represents diversity, innovation and disruptive education, making a long-lasting positive impact on the society


Our academic methodology emphasizes an integrative, entrepreneurial spirit and hands-on approach. From individual activities to group discussions and case analysis, our students are encouraged to participate and deal with actual scenarios and legal challenges. Facilitators facilitate and ignite the exchange of ideas by sharing their own real life professional experiences hence truly enriching the lectures.

The combination of online modality and on campus study experience of the programs allows the apprenticees to earn knowledge and a good education with little or no disturbance while continuing with their current commitments.

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