Gaming Law

Our gaming law practice has been launched this year, 2019. Hilton helps entities and individuals throughout the industry, addresses their regulatory compliance responsibilities, handle litigation, and develop business and commercial transactions to further their business goals. We have both an intimate familiarity with the Gaming Board of Tanzania, as well the breadth of experience essential to effectively handle the range of legal challenges facing clients.

We are in an era of rapidly expanding opportunities for the gaming industry, but one in which the legal landscape is becoming increasingly layered and complex. It is therefore critical to be able to spot and quickly, but properly, capitalize upon development, financing and organizational opportunities.

Failing to properly navigate the United Republic of Tanzania Gaming laws can lead to adverse legal consequences, wrecked projects and lost revenues. We represent gaming clients before government entities and regularly counsel on issues such as licensing and allegations of regulatory violations. We focus on ensuring effective regulatory compliance and foundational planning designed to promote broader business goals. The following are some of the matters as to which we routinely assist clients with; Internal investigations, Internal training, and Regulatory compliance programs.

Hilton Attorneys - Gaming Law