Victor Serv Kessy

Permanent Consultant

Victor holds LLB and Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Studies from Law School of Tanzania. He oversees our litigation department as a consultant. He is an enthusiastic advocate who has specialized in quality legal advice on issues of litigation arising from various areas of the law. Litigation is an unpleasant experience Victor constantly evaluates each case on its own merit. During evaluation, he looks at realistic outcome prior and throughout the litigation process so as to ensure the best outcome for the clients. He is equipped with vast knowledge, experience and training to effectively attend to our client’s best interests. He has excellent investigative skills and is extremely resourceful in locating requisite evidence to solve claims. He has defended and prosecuted suits in these areas; - Commercial disputes, Land disputes, Torts, Liquidation/court winding up, disputes arising from insurance claims, employment disputes to mention but a few.

He is a skilled arbitrator and has successfully resolved and won complicated cases. He has strong experience in commercial and regulatory litigation operations and has sound knowledge of litigation best practices with immense ability to handle multiple cases simultaneously. Client engagement is central to successful litigation, and Victor is committed to maintaining a high level of communication. He takes the time to truly involve the client and incorporate their goals, concerns, values, and feedback. Victor is a great match to the other skills in the Firm. He is a member of Tanganyika Law Society.

Hilton Attorneys Team - Victor