Protection of Image Rights in Tanzania: A Reference to the Recent Case of Rafael John Boko V Princes Leisure (T) Limited


Image rights (also known as publicity rights or personality rights) are among the protected right in many jurisdictions. It is protected under various laws such as privacy and data protection law, copyright and related rights law, trademark law, tort law to mention but a few. Protection of image rights are justified by reasons among others; right to privacy and commercial value attached to the images such as the use of the images in businesses branding. The protection is so important especially during this age of information technology and social media where it is very easy for the said rights to be breached vide social media.

In Tanzania, image rights are protected under various laws and the same rights are enforceable in the court, this brief article tends to provide an update on the protection of image rights in reference to a recent High court decision in the case of Rafael John Bocco v Princess Leisure (T) Limited Civil Case No. 118 of 2022 High Court of Tanzania.

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