Gwamaka Mwaikugile

Commercial and Civil Litigation

An Advocate of the High court of Tanzania; all subordinate courts save for primary courts, and a holder of a Masters Degree in Taxation Laws in Tanzania. He has tackled a full range of tax related transactions such as corporate income tax matters, Capital Gains Tax, Value Added Tax, to mention but a few. He has handled matters related to Municipal levies and taxes, as well as statutory deductions such as those emanating from Social Security funds i.e. NSSF, PPF, LAPF and others.

In addition to his good understanding of the law, He has established a good relationship of mutual trust with the Authorities and this has allowed Hilton Attorneys to often settle matters out of court without going through wearisome lawsuit proceedings.

Gwamaka has diversified his knowledge and he has become unrivalled litigant and expert in Employment and Labour Relations law. His practice concentrates on all aspects of Industrial Relations, sale and purchase of companies, employment dismissals, sex and race discrimination claims and restraints of trade, re-dismissal procedures, employee handling manuals, retrenchment processes and all manner of compliance issues.

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