Impact of Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) on Employment of Citizens and Non-citizens in Tanzania



Following the declaration of novel COVID-19 as a pandemic, Hilton Attorneys carefully assesses Covid-19’s likely Impact on the labour industry. This article focuses on the effects of COVID-19 on employment law for both citizens and non-citizens in Tanzania.

In respect to labour laws, the social confinement (popularly called “Stay Home”) encompasses a major effect on the labour law in Tanzania. For non-citizens arriving and departing the country, vital lawful safety measures must be taken that will influence their decision to stay or depart.

Fortunately, the government of Tanzania has issued a press release dated 2nd April 2020, through the Tanzania Immigration Services Department and in summary, the government granted grace period of up to three months for all persons that had been granted Visa Grant Notice but could not travel. This extension of 3 months is effective from the Visa grant date. For persons whose Residents permits had expired, a one month grace period to stay in Tanzania has been granted, Once the grace period of one month expires, such persons are supposed to report to Immigration Head offices for further directions.  

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